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Life is Short Quotes
Life is Too Short Quotes

I hope you find great value in these Life Is Short quotes from my collection of great Quotes to Live By.

Laugh when you can,
apologize when you should,
and let go of what you can't change.
Life's too short to be anything... but happy.
- Anonymous

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We are reminded how short life really is,
and how we are just passing through.
So, all the people you haven't told you love lately, tell them,
and live your days like you mean it.
- Hal Sutton

I think life is far too short to concentrate on your past.
I rather look into the future.
- Lou Reed

Life is too short to blend in.
- Paris Hilton


Life is too short, time is too precious,
and the stakes are too high
to dwell on what might have been.
- Hilary Clinton

Embrace your uniqueness.
Time is much too short to be
living someone else's life.
- Kobi Yamada

Life is short,
Break the Rules.
Forgive quickly,
Love truly.
Laugh uncontrollably
And never regret
That makes you smile
- Mark Twain

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If you're not having fun - I don't care what you're doing - don't do it.
Move on. Find something else, life's too short.
- Jerry Doyle

Be patient and understanding.
Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious.
- Phillips Brooks

Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity,
or registering wrongs.
- Charlotte Bronte

I feel that life is short, so we should be disciplined,
but at the same time we should have a good time.
- Wyclef Jean

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think,
all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read,
and all the friends I want to see.
- John Burroughs

I've never been one to sit around and eat my heart out. Life's too short.
- Kate Adie

Life is short and if you're looking for extension, you had best do well.
'Cause there's good deeds and then there's good intentions.
They are as far apart as Heaven and Hell.
- Ben Harper

Life is too short to have anything but delusional notions about yourself.
- Gene Simmons

We do not know what to do with this short life,
yet we want another which will be eternal.
- Anatole France

Life's too short for chess.
- Henry James Byron

I try not to spend too much time on partisan politics.
Life's too short for that.
I don't really believe that there have been many human problems solved by politics.
- Dean Koontz

But life is long. And it is the long run
that balances the short flare of interest and passion.
- Sylvia Plath

If I am happy in spite of my deprivations,
if my happiness is so deep that it is a faith,
so thoughtful that it becomes a philosophy of life.
If, in short, I am an optimist,
my testimony to the creed of optimism is worth hearing.
- Helen Keller
Helen Keller (1880-1968) overcame being both deaf and blind
to become a famous author, lecturer, and activist
for women's suffrage, workers' rights, and ending war.

When people get caught up with that which is right
and they are willing to sacrifice for it,
there is no stopping point short of victory.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.
- Mother Teresa

It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words
but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?"
- A. A. Milne (Winnie-The-Pooh)

There is no short cut to achievement.
Life requires thorough preparation -
veneer isn't worth anything.
- George Washington Carver

Walking takes longer...
than any other known form of locomotion except crawling.
Thus it stretches time and prolongs life.
Life is already too short to waste on speed.
- Edward Abbey

Country people do not behave as if they think life is short;
they live on the principle that it is long,
and savor variations of the kind best appreciated if most days are the same.
- Edward Hoagland

Life is short. Ricky and I realize how lucky we were.
We want to be together all the time.
- Christie Brinkley

Life being very short, and the quiet hours of it few,
we ought to waste none of them in reading valueless books.
- John Ruskin

To be idle is a short road to death
and to be diligent is a way of life;
foolish people are idle,
wise people are diligent.
- The Buddha

I thought, I'm only going to be on this planet once, and only for a short time.
What can I do with my life that will lead to permanent benefits?
- John Templeton

For a writer, life is always too short to write.
I will just try my best during what remains of my life.
- Cao Yu

In small proportions we just beauties see;
And in short measures, life may perfect be.
- Ben Jonson

There's no point regretting things.
If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
Life's too short to worry about things I've said.
- Robbie Williams

Life is too short to miss out on the beautiful things like a double cheeseburger.
- Channing Tatum

I am all for the short and merry life.
- Edward Fitzgerald

Life is too short to harbor any hostilities towards anybody.
- Peabo Bryson

Life is too short, and I'm Italian.
I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0.
- Sophia Bush

The Span of Life is too short to be trifled away
in unconcerning and unprofitable Matters.
- Mary Astell

You have only a short period of time in your life
to make your mark, and I'm there now.
- George Clooney

Dreams are, by definition, cursed with short life spans.
- Candice Bergen

Life is too short not to experiment.
- Jamelia

Believe in yourself, not only in swimming, but in life itself.
You always have to have fun.
You have to have an open mind.
If you're not enjoying it, don't do it. Life's too short.
- Debbie Meyer

Every day has been so short, every hour so fleeting,
every minute so filled with the life I love
that time for me has fled on too swift a wing.
- Aga Khan III

Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.
- Sarah Louise Delany

The life so short, the craft so long to learn.
- Hippocrates

The art is long, life is short.
- Hippocrates

The life of a dancer is tragically short.
What is remarkable about the New York City Ballet is that it makes us forget that.
Because it keeps the ballet alive.
- John Guare

When child actors act well they're just reacting to situations,
and they're acting very real because their life experience is so short;
there's no history to fall back on.
- Mariel Hemingway

I think loss can fuel how you lead your whole life.
- Martin Short

Life is very short... but I would like to live four times and if I could,
I would set out to do no other things than I am seeking now to do.
- William Merritt Chase

Life's too short to be working with divas.
- Richard O'Brien

I wish life was not so short, he thought.
languages take such a time,
and so do all the things one wants to know about.
- J. R. R. Tolkien

Life is short, and it is here to be lived.
- Kate Winslet

Life's to short for chess.
- Henry James Byron

Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts
of those who are travelling the dark journey with us.
Oh be swift to love, make haste to be kind.
- Henri Frederic Amiel

Life is too short, and the time we waste in yawning never can be regained.
- Stendhal

I feel with ELP that I wasn't making the most of my life
and I wasn't making the most of my creativity.
I was marking time. I don't want to do that. Life is to short.
- Greg Lake

Life is painful, nasty and short...
in my case it has only been painful and nasty.
- Djuna Barnes

Life is too short to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow
or hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart.
- Kevyn Aucoin

When men are not regretting that life is so short,
they are doing something to kill time.
- Edgar Watson Howe

Life is short, the art long.
- Hippocrates

Life is short, but it's long enough to ruin any man who wants to be ruined.
- Josh Billings

I surrendered my youth to the people I feared
when I could have been out there loving someone.
Don't make that mistake yourself. Life's too damn short.
- Armistead Maupin

I don't want to be an action star,
an action star's life is so short.
I want my life to get longer,
I want my career to get longer.
- Jackie Chan

One night some short weeks ago,
for the first time in her not always happy life,
Marilyn Monroe's soul sat down alone to a quiet supper from which it did not rise.
- Clifford Odets

Life is too short not to do a little practical joking.
- Krista Allen

Don't sell yourself short because without that you can't go far in life
because after sports the only thing you know is sports
and you can't do anything else with that.
- Bo Jackson

The life of an action star is very short.
I want to be an actor like Robert De Niro , like Dustin Hoffman
or Clint Eastwood who in their 70s or 80s can still act.
- Jackie Chan

To give a character life in a short space of time,
it helps if you arrive on screen with a past.
- Jeanne Moreau

Art is eternal, but life is short.
- Evelyn de Morgan

Asking the government to help you for short periods of time
is different than asking the government
to take care of you for the rest of your life.
- Donna Shalala


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